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From module integration to mechanical assemblies, we work with you to deliver kits ready for integration & further processes

From installing precision threaded inserts to complex sub-assemblies, Wave Mechanics offers a comprehensive assembly service to support customer needs. We have become recognized as a specialist supplier of miniature sub-assemblies for a range of markets. Combining precision manufactured components with our sub-assembly is a key competency. We are well equipped to provide a variety of sub-assemblies using a variety of fasteners, adhesive and welding technologies.

Sourcing your sub-assemblies from us simplifies your procurement process by reducing the number of purchased parts requiring management and control. We take responsibility for providing our customers with fully finished kit, ready for further processes, thereby reducing downtime & increasing efficiency at their end. Working with International customers and organizations of all sizes, we are happy to produce low production run through to large volume OEM production.

We have a very well equipped assembly set up with the right tools and well-organized and lighted individual assembly stations. Approximately 45% of the projects we receive include some sort of assembly.

Some of the activities done are:

Wave Mechanics is precision components manufacturers in Bangalore has sub-assembly services provides fabrications and many.
Helicoil Insertion
We are renowned aerospace parts manufacturing companies in Bangalore that provides precision parts on customer requirements
Wave Mechanics is the best precision manufacturing companies in Bangalore with skill and experience to handle assembly needs
Bushing and bearing assembly
We do precision machining Bangalore | with technical ability we often exceed the standards required by the markets we supply
Box Building
Wave Mechanics is a well equipped to provide a variety of sub-assemblies using a variety of welding technologies and fasteners.
Keensert Installation
Wave Mechanics provides end to end services in providing precision parts for medical, aerospace, space and more industries.

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