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Our State-of-the-art facility is located in Bangalore with over 28,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing area with extensive 36+ CNC machines and measuring facilities with industry 4.0 and cloud-based ERP system.


Wave Mechanics is a precision manufacturing company with world class machinery with 36+ CNC machines.

Wave Mechanics is home to world-class machinery & equipment, housed in our facility in Bengaluru, India. We continually invest in innovative manufacturing methods, modern machinery & equipment, human resources, and other associated services to exceed the most demanding customer expectations. Our facility provides advanced capabilities with extensive capacities to support customer needs from a one-off requirement up to volumes of many thousands. Extensive experience with high-mix low-volume manufacturing for large industry players helps us deliver exactly as per customer schedules and quality requirements. Our dedicated project manager will regularly keep you updated on your order status and other information to ensure operational transparency.

Investment into a state-of-art production facility has been designed to ensure world class quality, consistently and on time. Our facility has high-end equipment like tool presetters, heat shrink tool holders, & DNC program software to minimize rejections, accidents & human error. Full power back up via generators & UPS ensures complete utilization of our infrastructure and minimum downtime in our 3 shift operation cycle.

Machining Set-up

Wave Mechanics operates at the highest levels of quality and has wide-ranging and comprehensive machining capabilities where continual investment has resulted in competitiveness and short lead times. In total, we have a fleet of 36+ CNC machines, providing us flexibility to meet a range of complexities, shapes, sizes and price points depending on what our customers need. The size of items that can be manufactured ranges from very small parts - the size of a pen tip, up to parts 1m long. An important differentiator in capability is the ability to machine to an ultra-high accuracy of just 5 microns. The majority of machines are multi-axis allowing minimal setup manufacture of complex parts with optimized quality and throughput. All of our machines are also equipped with through-spindle coolant allowing for machining of hard parts and achieving the fantastic surface finish. Most formats of CAD data can be received and are used to offline program the CNC machines, and CMM machines for optimized performance.


Staying at the cutting edge of technology, Wave operates an extensive fleet of automated CNC driven, 3,4, and 5 axis milling systems including both horizontal and vertical equipment. Our milling machines have multiple pallets for greater efficiency and tool magazines ranging from 20 to 120 tools to support precision machining with minimal set up time. We machine parts of various sizes ranging from a few centimetres upto 1 meter. Machines with varying RPMs and torque allows us to mill not only standard materials such as Aluminium but also hard & exotics like Tungsten, hardened Steels, Titanium & plastics like Delrin. Our equipment includes:

  • HMCs with multi-axis and multi-pallet loading
  • Full 5-axis machining centers
  • VMCs with 3+1 axes
Wave Mechanics has cutting edge technology which helps in precision manufacturing with ultra-high accuracy
With precision manufacturing services we provide complex, precise and accuracy up to 200mm diameter workpieces.


Wave’s multi axis turning centers allow us to machine complex & precise geometries. Our turning centers are equipped with bar feeding capability allowing us to run high-volume jobs with ease. We have machines that can accommodate work pieces up to 200mm diameter:

  • Multi-axis advanced Turn/Mill centers
  • Hollow Chuck cylinder with bar feed capability


Wave produces parts with extremely accurate surface finish & flatness using our conventional and CNC grinding machines. Achieving surface requirements for a range of applications such as aerodynamic efficiency or RF wave reflection, our grinding set-up and team is well suited to meeting stringent surface requirements.

Wave operates both CNC and conventional grinding machines for:

  • Cylindrical
  • Surface
Wave Mechanics manufactures Precision parts with high accuracy in terms of dimensional and geometrical accuracy.

Support Infrastructure


Our toolroom is home to advanced equipment such as tool presetters, heat-shrink holders, and an impressive gamut of specialized tools.

We also frequently design custom fixtures and workholding solutions in house in order to increase the efficiency of manufacturing.

Using CNC aerospace machining we are able to achieve accurate tool measurements | Multi-axis advanced Turn/Mill centers

Assembly Set-up

From installing precision threaded inserts to complex sub-assemblies, Wave Mechanics offers a comprehensive assembly service to support customer needs. We have become recognized as a specialist supplier of miniature sub-assemblies for a range of markets. Combining precision manufactured components with our sub-assembly is a key competency. We are well equipped to provide a variety of sub-assemblies using a variety of fasteners, adhesive and welding technologies.

Our assembly department includes air conditioned, clean, well-organized and lighted individual assembly stations. Welding activities are carried out with the support of our partners. Some of the activities done are:

  • Helicoil Insertion
  • Fastening
  • Bushing and bearing assembly
  • Box Building
  • Gas cutting and welding
  • CNC gas cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Semi-automatic welding
  • Automatic welding
  • Spot welding
Wave Mechanics is an aerospace components manufacturers have dedicated 2500 sq.ft for the Subassembly area.

We have the facilities to carry out fine deburring with the use of microscopes and video capture along with part marking using ink, laser or CNC engraving.

Software & IT Support

To meet the demands of modern supply chain management that customers expect in today’s manufacturing environment, Wave developed a unique digital, paperless and wireless ERP System - Napatra (meaning no-paper in Sanskrit) giving us & customers a virtual view of the their order.

Wave Mechanics has developed a unique Digital, wireless, and paperless ERP System for precision manufacturing parts.
Wave Mechanics is a space equipment manufacturers Bangalore to procure precise space parts with high accuracy and precision

Our management software is a fully integrated production control system. All aspects of sales order processing, contract control, production control, purchase control and materials Management are handled by this networked application. Customer can get to view online the status of their PO, Inspection Reports, etc. All CNC machines are connected to CAD/CAM server via wireless modems to load the programs into the machines ensuring seamless file transfer and program generation. All transactions & processes (technical and administrative) are done only in Napatra, providing transparency.

Our engineering department is equipped with a full CAD/CAM infrastructure with several licenses including:

  • SolidWorks
  • SolidCAM
  • Siemens NX Workstations
  • Zoller Tool management
  • DNC Software
Wave Mechanics takes utmost care and precautions whilst aerospace precision engineering

Data Integrity

Wave takes utmost care and precaution whilst handling any client data shared with us. We have in place a digital security infrastructure with the necessary firewalls, data encryption and store all information on the cloud with relevant backups to avoid any data loss.

We guarantee the highest confidentiality and stringent protocols with all client data.

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