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Wave Mechanics is a space equipment manufacturer in Bangalore that provides very critical parts used in space applications. We understand these components need to be made with the most precise accuracy and the highest quality materials, and with our 5 axis CNC machines at our facility, we assure you to manufacture your part to the very best standards. The technology needed to manufacture OEM space parts requires the tightest tolerances and best precision machines, and Wave Mechanics indeed has the best machine shop for the job.

With industry-leading capabilities in precision CNC milling, you can rely on Wave Mechanics for small parts that are critical enough in getting into huge space projects. No matter how intricate the component, we have the state-of-the-art machines to handle the task at the lowest possible cost.

Wave Mechanics has mastered the precise machining of OEM parts for the space industry. We can produce such a wide array of custom satellite parts that you need, fulfilling the precise compatibility requirements for a range of spacecraft.

Some of the components manufactured by us for the space industry are used in

RF/microwave components for telemetry

  • Transponder module
  • Data Transmitters
  • Power amplifier