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The Oil and Gas Industry requires durable, dependable components because any unexpected situations may occur due to inaccuracy. Wave Mechanics consistently produces reliable components for the most challenging of jobs. We understand that we would be working with components which would protect expensive plant equipment and save lives and that accuracy is the key. You can count on Wave Mechanics. We provide dependable machining services meeting your exact specifications and needs.

We offer 5 axis milling for detailed & precise components of any size, deburring to ensure a secure seal, and more. Wave Mechanics has the knowledge, the experience, and the equipment to create a custom component for nearly any application. We’ll work with you and your designs to assess your situation and create the perfect component tailored to your specific needs.

Components We Build for the Oil & Gas Industry:
  • Gas Flow Manifold components
  • Ball Joint Housing, Ball Lock in Transmission Control
  • Bearing Housing, control sleeve, Valve cover, equalizing plunger, Adapter Plate