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A subsidiary of KAHM, Wave Mechanics is an AS 9100D certified precision manufacturing company located across 2 units in Bangalore, India. With over 20 years of experience, we provide fully finished mechanical kits, assemblies or components with expertise in machining extremely complex parts with high tolerances and assured quality. Wave handles the entire process from RM procurement to special processes and finishing, providing you with kits ready for integration.

Today, Wave Mechanics is a digitally enabled Build-to-Print engineering company with over 19 years of experience in manufacturing complex parts & assemblies with close tolerances and reliable quality. Having developed deep domain expertise in precision mechanical solutions, Wave Mechanics always rises to the challenges of changing market requirements.

Wave Mechanics was originally founded by Thomas Varughese, an ex-DRDO scientist and first-generation entrepreneur and was under his leadership until late 2017. In November 2017, following a period of immense challenges, Wave underwent a ownership and management change. KAHM Group acquired Wave, under the leadership of Harsh Dalmia and Mayank Dalmia, who took on the role of Co-founders to rebuilt the business from ground up to what it is today.




We believe that diversity is a key part of our eco-system. We value each employee's uniqueness and seek to ignite their individuality. This ensures innovation and out-of-the-box ideas, promoting the evolution of processes & methodologies.



In the face of an ever evolving world. KAHM is at the forefront of defining, providing & enabling change. Adaptability in both attitude and action means working without boundaries, and being open to finding unexpected solutions to problems & challenges.



Reliability is one of foundation blocks on which we operate. We strive to maintain 100% transparency with all our business associates and follow strict business ethic principles. Consistency is key to building trust. this is part of our company culture.



Excellence is a result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and vision to see obstacles as opportunities This is exemplified by our track record in business over the last two decades, and we hope to continue this tradition.

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