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As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, the importance of reliable suppliers that can meet the stringency and standards of airborne products becomes critical. Wave is proud to produce parts that meet tight tolerances that fit in with complex subsystems of airborne platforms.

We develop custom parts for your business, guaranteeing consistency among designs and production. No matter how complex, Wave will work with you to engineer parts meeting your airborne demands. Our ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified quality management systems ensure high standards of quality and consistency across the manufacturing process, with gated controls and process documentation.

Our high-quality CNC machines, made by reputed manufacturers from Germany, Japan & the USA, coupled with 12 years of experience in Aerospace has given us the ability to produce parts with the highest quality materials and the tightest tolerances. Our 5 Axis cutting systems gives us the ability to cut up to accuracies of 0.05μm, with 0.0015 corner radii.

Custom designed OEM parts made by the expert machinists at Wave allow aircraft subsystems to integrate perfectly into either new or existing airframes or platforms, making us an ideal partner for retrofitting or upgradation programmes with the fastest turnaround times to perfectly meet any OEM’s exacting quality and time requirements.

Some of the Aerospace components manufactured by us are used in:
Engine Components
Actuation applications of Aircraft